Steps To Become a Private Art Collector In Miami

Why Collect Art?

An art collector is usually a creative person. All people usually have a creative sense to them that is why most people enjoy art. An art collection will allow one to wake up every morning to an inspiring eye-pleasing form of art. This can be in many forms which include photos, sculptures, and created pictures by painting or other forms. The idea of collecting art is to purposely contain art forms. This is great for the preservation of art. In time one could own a piece of art that becomes meaningful to history. While preserving art one enjoys the luxury of its beauty. Miami is a great city to collect art in because of its vast selection of art.

Steps To Become A Great Art Collector In Miami

Miami holds many not for profit events for art. In the art district, there are several art galleries to choose from. One of them is called Bossa Gallery, and another one is called Galleria Ca’D’Oro. Not for profit art galleries are great because they are usually more economical. This makes it great for new art collectors to begin their search. There is also a variety of different types of art since there is usually new artist bringing their artwork.

Another step is to look for various venues. It isn’t good to simply settle for one venue and make one’s purchases. One should look at several galleries and then make a purchase over a week or even a month in time. It will all depend on he/she’s sureness of the art piece. This connects to the next step which is to develop one’s taste before making major art purchases. It can be discouraging to buy art and realize one doesn’t like it. It is best to look but not buy the first couple of times one visits a venue. As one continues to explore he/she’s art taste will start to develop. Certain art pieces will stand out until one starts to gravitate towards art pieces. These are the ones that should be bought. The goal is to keep the art one purchases forever or for a long time. Miami is a great place to find venues because there are several locations dedicated to art. Another one besides the art district is Little Havana Art Galleries. This area has about 8 venues to explore with many different types of art pieces.

The third step is to ask questions at the art events or art galleries one goes to. This is beneficial because an answer to a question can lead to many opportunities. For example, if a question is asked about an artwork one could find out there is another low key art show with art pieces similar to that one. This will lead to the finding of great art that may not be advertised.

Celebrities Collect Art

Some of one’s favorite celebrities may collect art. It is not only because they have money to spend that they engage in this. Many of them like George Lindemann simply love art and architecture. Pharrell Williams is a producer and singer. He has a vast collection of art in his Miami penthouse from contemporary sculptors. Another celebrity that collects art in Miami is Leonardo Dicaprio who travels to art shows in Miami for his collection. As one develops in art collecting one may travel to find different pieces.