Start a Private Art Collection in Miami

While having an art collection is considered by most people to be unavailable on the average budget, what most people don’t realize is that even with a modest amount of money you can actually start your own art collection. Here are some private families in Miami that have prominent art collections: The Rubell Family; George Lindemann Collection; and The de la Cruz Collection.

If you happen to live in the Miami area and are interested in starting your own collection you are in one of the best places in America to do this. There are artists of every stripe in the Miami area and in addition to that there are literally scores of galleries where you can view collections of artists to help you narrow down what you want to focus on in your collecting.

art galleryThe prospect of becoming an art collector, however, can be overwhelming unless you give some thought to the way and the kind of art you want to collect. One point that is extremely important is to only collect art that you love. As an example, there are some people that have a penchant for collecting surrealistic art, in that case, you would most probably like Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and Leonora Carrington. You may prefer the abstract art of Henri Matisse, or the 20th-century abstraction of Van Gogh, or Cezanne. It really doesn’t matter, the only thing that really matters in a private collection is what you like. Once you decide the answer to that question collecting becomes fun.

As you collect you will notice that your art buying skills will become more honed over time. You will begin to be good at it. You can also help these skills you are developing by regularly visiting exhibitions and art fairs. There are many of these every year in the Miami area.

You will also discover when you start collecting that there is a large network of collectors, galleries, individual artists, and even institutions involved in collecting all styles and types of art. As you get to know these different groups your influence and purchasing ability will be affected by the relationships you develop in this specialized social network. You will also find that an incredible tool for art collectors are books on various artists and art types. Many of these books even contain curated lists and other information designed to help not only the novice collector but even the more experienced art collector. If fact if you are lucky in collecting you could as well-known as Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova or Bill and Maria Bell.

Another excellent resource and one that is often overlooked is to establish a relationship with a gallery. Many times you can find affordable new pieces from an emerging new artist at a renowned gallery and you can even find some low-cost opportunities from an emerging artist at a smaller gallery.