New Towering Structure to Come to Light Street?

Metropolitan Partnership Ltd.’s plans to build a 404-foot, 33-story glass building from a current Light Street parking lot have recently become revealed. The plan would call for a building layout that includes 340 apartments and 10 floors of offices on top of a 646-space parking garage. The plan for office space to be added to the $110 million apartment project was only recently included, after significant interest in office space at the new Light Street tower was raised, owned by Madison Marquette.

The Metropolitan Partnership Ltd. CEO sees the new project at 1 Light Street as part of a project to further the development of Baltimore’s growing financial district, and implied that the work here supplements what the company is doing father down the road at One Light Street. At 1 Light Street, Metropolitan is undertaking a project to convert an old Bank of America building into an apartment complex. Meanwhile, back at 1 Light Street, city officials were ecstatic to finally see something happen in the empty lot. It had been vacant with no promising future since the Southern Hotel that once stood there was demolished over a decade ago in 2000.

City design panel members discussed the future building’s stone base structure in relation of nearby buildings. They also spoke of plans to allocate an entry for trucks that service the new building directly across the metro stop on East Baltimore Street. Local leaders, as well as the Downtown Partnership, have offered strong backing for the new project at 1 Light Street.

Yet the new building at 1 Light is not the only new development in the area, nor is Metropolitan the only company bringing changes. Workshop Development, Inc., based in Baltimore, has proposed to build a 16-story building with 240 apartments and 7,000 square feet of retail where the former Della Notte once stood. Certainly it seems that Baltimore is becoming a hot spot of new building projects sprouting out of the ground, or rather, on top of formerly-empty lots.