Miami Art Collecting in 2016

Art collecting is a great way to collect various art pieces painted by talented artists. Of course with art collecting, there is a way to make money on collecting art if you buy the right pieces. There are lots of guides out there explaining which types of art to collect and tips and tricks for anyone interested in beginning art collecting. Searching for guides is a great way to start off so that you are guaranteed to make a profit if ever want to sell the art in the future.

There are several places in Miami, Florida who sell art. The most popular place to get art from is Miami and Miami Beach Art Fair that happens every year. The Miami and Miami Beach Art Fair lasts for an entire week. There are several exhibitors that participate in this fair every year. There is a guide on their website if you are interested in attending this year. You should plan to spend about 4 days attending the fair as there is plenty of art pieces to find and research for. The art fair has more than 200 galleries! They also offer shuttle service to the art fair for those who don’t want to wait in traffic. If you go to their website, you can find all the exhibitors that are going to be there and plenty of more useful information.

Here are a list of some of the top exhibitors that usually attend the fair:

Art Basel
Aqua Art Miami
Design Miami
Fridge Art Fair
Ink Miami Art Fair
Miami Project
Nada Art Fair
Pulse Miami Beach
Scope Miami Beach
Technique Art Fair
Untitled, Miami Beach
X Contemporary Miami Beach
Art Concept
Art Miami
Miami River Art Fair
Pinta Miami
Red Dot Miami
Spectrum Miami

There have been plenty of celebrities that are known to collect art in Miami. One of the most popular one, is Pharrell Williams. Other celebrities that have been spotted collecting art in Miami include Tom Ford, George Lindeman, David Beckham and much more!

There are of course, more places in Miami that sell art. The key is finding the right place but if you are just beginning, you should definitely go to the art fair in Miami that is coming very soon. It will be held over November & December.