Best Podcasts about Islamic Issues

When it comes to podcasts relating to Islam, potential listeners have a wide number of choices covering a number of topics. From religious practice in the modern world to the role of Islam in everyday affairs to more geopolitically-oriented podcasts, the options are numerous. Each podcast offers a different perspective, and in the crowded space of modern media there is no shortage of information available to both Muslims and non-Muslims interested in further information. Some of the very best Islam-related podcasts include:

History of Islam

While relatively new, the History of Islam podcast offers a sweeping historical overview of Islam. The level of detail and organization of the information presented is impressive, as is the overall scope. Recent episodes have included discussions of the life of Muhammed before prophethood and the challenges of persecution faced by Islam’s early converts. The accompanying website has a useful guide to episodes and historical figures featured in the podcasts.

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) produces the “What a Relief” podcast, an engaging weekly take on various topics relating to around the world. With each episode, hosts B.C. Dodge and R. Mordant Mahon talk to Islamic Relief USA staff members and volunteers about various IRUSA programs and efforts. For the past 25 years these have focused with considerable success on public awareness, development and assistance programs around the world. The podcast and website provide both insights into and further information about these efforts.

Quran for Busy People

The “Quran for Busy People” podcast offers an in-depth produced by the Center for the Study of Global Change at Indiana University and offers bite-sized segments on a number of diverse topics related to Islam. Episodes typically run about one to two minutes, giving listeners a great chance to encounter a variety of perspectives in a short period of time. The topics covered are also extremely diverse and accessible to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Muslim Voices

The Muslim Voices podcast, also a product of Indiana University, offers numerous multidisciplinary and multifaith perspectives in order to promote understanding and communication between different communities. Each podcast focuses on a different element of this effort, allowing for a deeper look at various aspects of the experience of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Popular misconceptions of Islam and Islamic practice are frequent topics, providing opportunities for Muslims to speak to their beliefs and their religious practices.