Best Non-profits to Work For

In a time of expanding public knowledge on the struggles of poor, disenfranchised and minority communities more people than ever are seeking ways to create, support and aid in efforts to bringing effective relief to struggling global communities. One of the best ways help is by working with ground level non-profit groups seeking to put people before profits. Our list of the three of the best non-profits groups to work for 2017 lists companies committed to providing charitable excellence and bridges over struggling waters to communities around the world. Each of these non-profits has scored high for leadership, planning and overall engagement in several key employment areas.

Century Housing group:

Century housing group has scored high in the Non-profits times’ survey of best non-profits to work for due to its continuing commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions to help in the development of critical housing developments in California. Century provides an outstanding benefits package to its employees coupled with solid exempt salaries that are some of the finest in the industry.

Islamic Relief international:

In operation for over 25 years, employees of Islamic Relief cite high levels of appreciation for the service’s employee treatment due to high levels of management collaboration on key company developmental projects plus financial salaries that are among some of the best in the industry. Islamic Relief’s mission of providing international humanitarian aid around the world aims to reduce the incidents of struggle in poverty-stricken and minority communities makes it a continuing star in not-for-profit ventures.

Alzheimer’s Association:

The Alzheimer’s association continues to receive high marks among its employees due to its focus on making employees feel valued for their contributions to the organization. Key factors of open communications between management and staff are followed closely allowing staff to remain in the loop about company operations and directional changes. The association has a holistic approach to employee management that focuses on the concept that employees exist and have live outside the work office.

These organizations are among the best non-profits in the field due to their ongoing commitment to employee satisfaction, good pay scales and flexible thinking in the development of game plans and company missions that benefit the communities they serve and their employees as well.