Miami Art Collecting in 2016

Art collecting is a great way to collect various art pieces painted by talented artists. Of course with art collecting, there is a way to make money on collecting art if you buy the right pieces. There are lots of guides out there explaining which types of art to collect and tips and tricks for anyone interested in beginning art collecting. Searching for guides is a great way to start off so that you are guaranteed to make a profit if ever want to sell the art in the future.

There are several places in Miami, Florida who sell art. The most popular place to get art from is Miami and Miami Beach Art Fair that happens every year. The Miami and Miami Beach Art Fair lasts for an entire week. There are several exhibitors that participate in this fair every year. There is a guide on their website if you are interested in attending this year. You should plan to spend about 4 days attending the fair as there is plenty of art pieces to find and research for. The art fair has more than 200 galleries! They also offer shuttle service to the art fair for those who don’t want to wait in traffic. If you go to their website, you can find all the exhibitors that are going to be there and plenty of more useful information.

Here are a list of some of the top exhibitors that usually attend the fair:

Art Basel
Aqua Art Miami
Design Miami
Fridge Art Fair
Ink Miami Art Fair
Miami Project
Nada Art Fair
Pulse Miami Beach
Scope Miami Beach
Technique Art Fair
Untitled, Miami Beach
X Contemporary Miami Beach
Art Concept
Art Miami
Miami River Art Fair
Pinta Miami
Red Dot Miami
Spectrum Miami

There have been plenty of celebrities that are known to collect art in Miami. One of the most popular one, is Pharrell Williams. Other celebrities that have been spotted collecting art in Miami include Tom Ford, George Lindeman, David Beckham and much more!

There are of course, more places in Miami that sell art. The key is finding the right place but if you are just beginning, you should definitely go to the art fair in Miami that is coming very soon. It will be held over November & December.

New Towering Structure to Come to Light Street?

Metropolitan Partnership Ltd.’s plans to build a 404-foot, 33-story glass building from a current Light Street parking lot have recently become revealed. The plan would call for a building layout that includes 340 apartments and 10 floors of offices on top of a 646-space parking garage. The plan for office space to be added to the $110 million apartment project was only recently included, after significant interest in office space at the new Light Street tower was raised, owned by Madison Marquette.

The Metropolitan Partnership Ltd. CEO sees the new project at 1 Light Street as part of a project to further the development of Baltimore’s growing financial district, and implied that the work here supplements what the company is doing father down the road at One Light Street. At 1 Light Street, Metropolitan is undertaking a project to convert an old Bank of America building into an apartment complex. Meanwhile, back at 1 Light Street, city officials were ecstatic to finally see something happen in the empty lot. It had been vacant with no promising future since the Southern Hotel that once stood there was demolished over a decade ago in 2000.

City design panel members discussed the future building’s stone base structure in relation of nearby buildings. They also spoke of plans to allocate an entry for trucks that service the new building directly across the metro stop on East Baltimore Street. Local leaders, as well as the Downtown Partnership, have offered strong backing for the new project at 1 Light Street.

Yet the new building at 1 Light is not the only new development in the area, nor is Metropolitan the only company bringing changes. Workshop Development, Inc., based in Baltimore, has proposed to build a 16-story building with 240 apartments and 7,000 square feet of retail where the former Della Notte once stood. Certainly it seems that Baltimore is becoming a hot spot of new building projects sprouting out of the ground, or rather, on top of formerly-empty lots.

The Energy Sector and Ties with Iraq the Power Behind Turkey

The energy sector is the heartbeat of the Turkish economy and has helped it grow exponentially despite the biting recession. In fact, statistics show that Turkey has been the best performing economy in Europe for the preceding 3 years. Experts even suggest that Turkey is projected to record an attractive GDP (Growth Domestic Product) growth of over 3 % for the year 2013.

At the epicenter of Turkish and the region’s economic boom is the Habboush Group, a leader in the administration and implementation of energy and infrastructure projects in Turkey and the region’s emerging markets. In addition, the Habboush Group centers on the upgrade, administration and investment incorporation sectors of the business in order to attain the requirements for completion of energy and infrastructure projects.

During Habboush Group’s 80 years’ operation, the company has been involved in a lot of bigger projects including power generation, and energy projects in Iraq and Turkey. The Habboush Group, along with CEO Wadie Habboush considers Turkey and Iraq vital frontiers in the region’s economics, so having a stable operational capability between these two regions would be greatly beneficial moving forward.

Turkish economic outlook is tremendous according to experts considering the demographics, macroeconomics, industrial advancement and demand for energy. Due to Turkish proximity to Iraq, it will make more economic sense to tap into the neighbor’s energy reserves. Iraq, particularly Southern Iraq, hold one of the biggest oil and gas reserves, but years of war have only stifled production and growth in the energy sector. Turkey has forged alliances with other international energy and infrastructure firms to reverse the trend and make Iraq a vital source of oil and gas in Turkey and Europe. This relationship can be harnessed further for the betterment of the two countries, the region, and the world.

The current events in Turkey and the region have not impacted Turkey in any way. Turkey’s strategic geographic location has enabled it to wade murky waters. Turkey acts as a transit point for Europe, the Middle East and Caspian region and this is a vital element of its economic stability. Another factor driving up Turkey’s economy is its population that is industrialized, young and emerging. The population is also vibrant with middle class that is ambitious and hardworking. To add to that, the economic atmosphere is welcoming to investors.

Another Key economic magnet for Turkish economy is its capital city, Istanbul. Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city that connects east and west. It’s considered the economic hub of Turkey and the region’s convenient business hub logistically. With the relationship between Turkey and Iraq becoming stronger each day, the next 5 years could see these two nations assume full status of big and stable markets in the region and globally.

Start a Private Art Collection in Miami

While having an art collection is considered by most people to be unavailable on the average budget, what most people don’t realize is that even with a modest amount of money you can actually start your own art collection. Here are some private families in Miami that have prominent art collections: The Rubell Family; George Lindemann Collection; and The de la Cruz Collection.

If you happen to live in the Miami area and are interested in starting your own collection you are in one of the best places in America to do this. There are artists of every stripe in the Miami area and in addition to that there are literally scores of galleries where you can view collections of artists to help you narrow down what you want to focus on in your collecting.

art galleryThe prospect of becoming an art collector, however, can be overwhelming unless you give some thought to the way and the kind of art you want to collect. One point that is extremely important is to only collect art that you love. As an example, there are some people that have a penchant for collecting surrealistic art, in that case, you would most probably like Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and Leonora Carrington. You may prefer the abstract art of Henri Matisse, or the 20th-century abstraction of Van Gogh, or Cezanne. It really doesn’t matter, the only thing that really matters in a private collection is what you like. Once you decide the answer to that question collecting becomes fun.

As you collect you will notice that your art buying skills will become more honed over time. You will begin to be good at it. You can also help these skills you are developing by regularly visiting exhibitions and art fairs. There are many of these every year in the Miami area.

You will also discover when you start collecting that there is a large network of collectors, galleries, individual artists, and even institutions involved in collecting all styles and types of art. As you get to know these different groups your influence and purchasing ability will be affected by the relationships you develop in this specialized social network. You will also find that an incredible tool for art collectors are books on various artists and art types. Many of these books even contain curated lists and other information designed to help not only the novice collector but even the more experienced art collector. If fact if you are lucky in collecting you could as well-known as Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova or Bill and Maria Bell.

Another excellent resource and one that is often overlooked is to establish a relationship with a gallery. Many times you can find affordable new pieces from an emerging new artist at a renowned gallery and you can even find some low-cost opportunities from an emerging artist at a smaller gallery.

Well Known Art Collectors in Mami

Five Prestigious Miami Art Collectors
Art Basel Miami Beach presents an exhibit of art lovers, George Lindemann, collectors, dealers and curators hailing the high standing of Miami in the art field.

1.The Margulies Collection

The Margulies Collection is exhibited in the majestic innovative Wynwood Art District. Art lovers view the finest in contemporary art, vintage art and artist eccentricities like Miami collector Martin Z. Margulies, who collected photography, installations, videos and sculptures for two decades. The collection showcases unforgettable marvels, including its towering geometric matrix and awesome cut out of an entire train.

2.The Rubell Family

The Rubell Family spreads art education through their large private contemporary art collections. The Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Arts Foundation exalts the established and also emerging artists. The foundation received a major donation from Boston collector Kenneth L. Freed, which includes 59 sculptures and 14 works on paper by thirteen contemporary artists impacting the art world.

3.Craig Robins Collection

The Craig Robins Collection showcases high spirits of contemporary art and design. Real estate mogul Craig Robins integrates art and community by providing the public access to his collection of over 200 valuable works. The pieces revolve several times annually with selections varying from German, Mexican, Chinese and American. A few select artists such as Richard Tuttle and John Baldessari are shown permanently within the collection’s humorous presentation.

4.CIFO / Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation

CIFO / Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2002 by Ella Fontanals-Cisneros to support artists exploring new directions in contemporary art. CIFO cultivates cultural understanding and educational art exchanges through:

-Commission Programs
-Showcases for Latin American artists
-International Contemporary Art from the collection of Ella Fontanais-Cisnerous

5.The de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space

Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz offer he de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space, Miami’s only free private art collection. They also give generosity at home, where many Miamians can view this private collection by appointment. The experience moves fluorescent forms of artist Aaron Curry and continues flowing to the second story where Kathryn Andrews’ giant birthday candles convince viewers they are in a dream and forever dwarfed. At the top peak, artist Jim Hodges’ delicate floral works lie near the most incongrous massive ping-pong table completing the surreal scene.

The Importance of Endorsements

With the Presidential race heating up, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump surely appreciate endorsements when they come. Especially, when an endorsement derives from a well-known and respected CEO of a successful company. Hillary Clinton recently released a list of business leaders that are endorsing her campaign for President. To some this may seem unimportant, but with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, and Peter Lowy, CEO of Westfield among the names mentioned, one can’t help but take notice.

An endorsement from a leader in the technology region, such as Reed Hastings, may not be too much of a surprise to some, but his support will still carry weight within the community. Reed is not only the CEO of Netflix, but he also sits on the board of Facebook as well as many non-profit organizations. He is a strong believer and supporter for the charter school system, and he has served on California’s Board of Education. Netflix has become one of the more revolutionary companies in the entire nation with over 75 million members now joining and loving his vision.

Brian Chesky, the 34-year old CEO of the hospitality exchange service Airbnb was another who voiced his support for Clinton. Chesky was also recently named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People of 2015.” Not too many people can mention an honor like that in their portfolio. Chesky has proven that he is an out of the box and creative mind that will continue to change the landscape of business as long as he is in it. He has also announced that Airbnb is an official sponsor for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His company is the perfect match for travelers seeking an affordable and unique way to enjoy the Summer Olympics.

And the endorsement from Lowy is a big one, due to his prominence is commercial retail in the U.S. and Abroad. His company Westfield owns mall properties that are some of the most luxurious in the world. Westfield has shops in LA, Milan, New York City, and all over Europe.

Hillary can only be proud with endorsements such as these from three successful and honorable business men.  This year’s election is truly one of the more anticipated and debated Presidential campaigns. Both candidates wish to continue to receive endorsements like these as much as they can. Time will tell, just how important they become

Federal judge reaffirms ban on political ‘robocalls’ in Indiana

Just weeks ahead of Indiana’s primary for Attorney General, a federal judge reaffirmed Indiana’s ban on automated telephone calls for political purposes.

The political action committee Patriotic Veterans Inc. failed to prove its First Amendment rights were violated under Indiana’s Automated Dialing Machine Statute, I.C. 24–5–14–1, which broadly prohibits autodialed telephone calls that announce recorded messages.

District Judge William T. Lawrence of the U.S. Court for the Southern District of Indiana granted summary judgment to the state Thursday in Patriotic Veterans Inc. v. State of Indiana, et al., 1:10-cv-723.

In ruling for the state and denying the PAC’s motion for summary judgment, Lawrence ruled Indiana’s statute “is content neutral and is a valid time, place, or manner restriction on speech, and, accordingly, it does not violate the First Amendment.”

Patriotic Veterans Inc. brought the current challenge after the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the organization in 2013, holding that Indiana’s law was not preempted by the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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Improving Venture Capital in Texas Leads to Booming New Jobs

The Texas CAPCO or Certified Capital Company Program had been expanding since its inception in 2005 until 2010. Seed money for new startups that would bring Texas out of the recession that was lingering in 2001, was badly needed. Only venture capitalists and angel money groups were around at this time and that just was not enough to pull Texas out of its economic funk. Post dot-com bust, these resources became risk-averse and scarcer. New funding options were badly needed. The Texas legislature answered by implementing the CAPCO programs in 2005 as an alternative funds resource for seed monies that would grow its economy and create jobs. Being a private government sponsored entity providing venture capital for entrepreneurs, growth capital was then available for small business growth in Texas.

Texas Certified Capital Companies also known as CAPCO was spearheading programs that provided venture capital to start ups to create more jobs and revenue streams for the great state of Texas. Texas entrepreneurs were pleased to find that the Texas CAPCO programs offered Premium tax credits that were defined. These tax credits were also authorized. For insurance companies, a claim may be made and an investment at a maximum of 15 percent for the allocated tax credit total.

On capitalization, a single CAPCO program is required to begin at $500,000.00 capitalization and have two principle employees with capital management experience in the angle or venture capital industry.

CAPCO participants have certification requirements to meet as well which are as follows:

  • A Texas headquartered office is required as the location for the ‘qualified businesses,’ where investments are to be placed.
  • The timeline required at year number three, 30 percent of certified funds be placed in qualified businesses and then 50 percent at year five.
  • Only a maximum of 15% of certified capital can be sunk into any one portfolio.
  • All compliance points must be met with transparency in reporting

Currently there are no applications being processed or taken by the Texas CAPCO program. The program, when funded, was invested in $87,532,258 seed monies from CAPCO with amount of follow-on capital at $108,267,035. The number of jobs that were created and retained were at 1,731 as of 2008. These types of funds support early stage businesses. When small businesses follow the program criteria they have been successful in expanding job creation and the infrastructure of further venture capital entities in the state.

The 6 Top Ways to Take Part in Politics and Government

Voting is not the only way to participate in politics; though, it is the most used method. Our government was set up so that people have a voice – through the leaders that they elect, at the federal, state, and local level. Beyond voting, there are many other options for actively getting involved in politics. Take a look at the top 6 ways to take part in politics and government.

#1 – Contact Your Local Officials


141210143825-inside-politics-logo-large-169The people that you vote for to represent your interests deserve to know how you feel. You can contact any of your local officials, as well as state or federal representatives, and let them know about your opinion. You always hear of people contacting their congressman for one concern or another. You have the same right, so the next time you dislike a decision or a proposed law – contact your local officials or representatives.


#2 – Participate in a Campaign


Debating-Pentagonal-PoliticsIf there is a campaign that you truly feel needs additional help and support, consider donating money or time to a political campaign. This could include a presidential campaign, a gubernatorial campaign, or a campaign for local politics. If you do not have a lot of free time, you could simply donate money to the campaign.


For those with available time, there are many ways to volunteer to help a campaign. Campaigns need people to spread their message and reach more voters. This could include making phone calls to voters, passing out flyers, or going door to door. They also need people to handle the organization and setting up of various political rallies and events.


#3 – Get Involved in a Protest or Rally


Peaceful protests and rallies are a major part of the democratic process. They provide a way for a large number of people to be heard, when it appears that their government is not doing what the public wants. These protests and rallies also require organization and people to spread the word.


#4 – Run for Office


hil-raise-your-handIf you have a strong commitment to your community, you could also consider running for office. Most local governments have city councils and other government positions that need to be filled every time there is an election. You do not need past political experience to run for many of these positions.


#5 – Help Register People to Vote


The percentage of eligible people that actually get out and vote varies from year to year. If you want to help the political process, you can help register people to vote. There are many different ways to do this. You could join an organization that reaches out to unregistered voters or you could start your own voter registration campaign.


N_icon_politics#6 – Join an Organization or Cause


There are many political causes and nonprofit organizations with a political stance that require volunteers in order to remain operational. As with joining a political campaign, you could devote some of your free time to an organization or cause or you could donate some of your money.


Learn everything that you can about an organization before joining. Find out how they receive their funding and how the organization is structured. Determine what their primary goals are and if they are affiliated with a particular political party or group.


These are a few ideas that you could use to become more politically active. Take part in your government and politics, in order to make a difference or bring about change. The politics and laws that are a part of our country are decided by the people. If you do not like what you see, then your best option is to take a proactive stance and do your part to get involved in politics.