February 16, 2017

When the world is torn apart by wars and upheaval the children are the most vulnerable. They are exposed to illness, hunger, exploitation and deprivation. The good news is there are organizations whose goal is to help the children. There is nothing more important in this world than the children. Giving them the help they need should be a priority for everyone.


More4kids is a website owned by a dad and a mom. They dedicate themselves to helping children and their parents. They use their own money to run their site and use it to help these children worldwide. They once wrote an article about abusive relationships. This article gave a mother the courage she needed to take her daughter away from an abusive relationship. They believe if they help just one child they have made a difference and based on the feedback they received, they are correct.


AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. This program educates students who are receiving C and D grades. They greatly improve their chances of going to college. Underprivileged students can start the program in the fourth grade. Their teachers and tutors have received specialized training to help the students learn important concepts. These include critical thinking and study and organizational skills. Percentages show 95 percent of all the individuals who graduate attend college, and of these students, 85 percent are still enrolled two years later.

Islamic Relief

In many countries, children are so affected by illness one out of every eight dies before they turn five. Many of these children live in poverty and are deprived of basic necessities including school. Islamic Relief helps them in every way they possibly can. They provide opportunities for education, proper nutrition, sanitation services and water. Without Islamic Relief many of these children would die. They give these children hope and a future. For almost 25 years they have helped children all over the world by providing emergency relief, support for orphans, nutrition, and health.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

This is the biggest and oldest organization for youth mentoring throughout the United States. More than 220,000 children between the ages of 6 and eighteen have been helped by their program. Children should not be alone and thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America they don’t have to be.